Saturday, August 20, 2011

a week in our life*

i've been passionately trying out new delicious recipes 

last weekend marcel hurt his back when he bend down to 
pick up his golfbag....could not move for 3 days... 
we had to go to the hospital and such a positive 
and professional experience.

kellen waking up with a 'i want to paint mama'. 

weeee...... all smiles 

kellen and i went for breakfast on thursday,
he chose a chocolate doughnut...yum! 

had things to do... 

i believe in positive reinforcement. 
i believe in loving yourself. 
this morning to himself in the mirror: 
'good morning your gorgeous thing!' 

life is colorful! 
you have to choose the colors you love 

girls night out...
pedicures & dinner 

from left: me, brigitte, suenleugh & joan

rock, paper, scissors