Friday, July 29, 2011

every day we ... *

S W I M ! ! !

every day we go down to swim. 
it is a magical time in the pool. 
being brave and courageous to try to swim on his own. 
we laugh. 
and disagree. 
he sometimes cry. 
the day that we go swimming more than once is
his most magical days...
then he says: 'can we go swim hundred, forty eight times'. 
he is the magic in my day

going to the zoo*

Kellen loves animals...whenever we walk pass a petshop, he walks out moaning but why can't he buy a little dog/cat/turtle... today we went to the zoo.... beautiful!!! 

when i saw these beauties, i longed for africa

he wanted to know if they keep their babies on their backs? 

when i saw this garden, i felt my mom's presence.

ice was super super hot! 
in malaysia? never! 

and all the huge trees reminded me of my dad... 

it was as if i'm in one big garden... 

the animals were an accident.. 

oh! and these bats are blood sucking vampires as told by kellen, 
to kellen, 
by his daddy.
just saying xx

real life dinosaurs...really* :-)

yesterday we were invited to join kellen's new friends at the science centre in kuala was so much fun! have a look :-) 

these dinosaurs are huge and move and make a noise...
kellen was sooo scared of them. 

walking through the wall of mirrors...
and kaboom..into the mirror (kellen..heehee). 
but no, it was not funny. serious face please... 

us xx

jump jump jump! 

on our way down to ...

this waterpark.... 
and by the way...those were not normal steps :0) 

such fun!!! KL really cater for young children... 

there are steps to get back up... or you can choose one 
of these paths...such brilliant! 

he is going to eat me mommy....hold my hand, i'm scared! 

view of middle of science centre from the top

kellen and his two new friends...
they are still getting aquinted  

the water park 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

magical moment*

you know when you grow up, you see things and think...'one day when i'm big, my children are going to do this...yes!'  when you wait 9 years for 'the my children' you were dreaming of, you sometimes forget those dreams. watching kellen and his friends run round and round, laughing and giggling, trying to 'catch' the fountain water, i remembered dreaming of this exact moment...   it was magical...

Tuesday afternoon, after gymnastics, we went for vegetable juice (did you hear! living healthily here!) at Marmelade Cafe in Plaze Mont Kiara.  Kellen and his two new friends walked towards the fountain and started playing and running and laughing...giggling...having SO.MUCH.FUN. 

he was having THIS much fun! 

The first morning he woke up in KL, he asked for tea and rusks 
(thank you Willa!  :-) Yesterday we baked English. 
We have changed to speaking English throughout the day and 
when daddy gets home at night we switch back to Afrikaans. 

He is trying sooo very very hard... and is doing fabulously! 
Now he is mixing his Afrikaans with English.... Told me tonight
'mamma, jy moet reach'. :-) 

His favorite toys right now is his animals. He packs them in rows 
while the lion and the one dinosaur 'fight'. 
but the lion wins every time because he is the king of the jungle. 

more magical moments xx