Tuesday, August 2, 2011

every day things*

Don't be fooled by the normality of our lives. Photos sometimes gives it a boost...of the highlights, but we are normal, happy people. Have a look... 

the waterfall - had to go with the previous post... 

mondays - tea, washing & swimming... heehee 

bright pink watermelon - yum!!! 
let me explain 'normal'. Kellen threw one of his biggest 
tantrums this morning, because he was not allowed to cut 
the watermelon. phew.... breathing.... and cutting.... :-) 
watermelon is extremely cheap - R19 for a watermelon. 

food for my soul ? 
we went to borders bookshop. 
kellen and i sat on the floor and i read stories to him. 
magical moment. awesomness. 
something i've dreamed of all my life...reading to my child in a bookstore. 

bonus: latte in starbucks with kellen 
he had a doughnut. 

this was his stack of books he wanted. 
there were jazz music playing and he got up
and started dancing on the music - adorable! 

beautiful colours and fruit stall - happiness

he saw this fountain and told me 'let's go have a look mommy, 
i saw something beautiful'. 
he did not feel like smiling though. 

mmmm... a coffee shop i have to visit... 

i'm not. are you?

normal: a 4 year old boy whining to go swim. 
mommyyyyyyy!!! can i go swwwwwwiiiiimmmmm!!!!! 

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