Sunday, August 14, 2011

fun things to do*

i was wondering should i post daily, every other day, or weekly.  At the end i decided to do it when i feel like posting.  it seems as if it is going to be weekly :-) 

a few months back he was cutting at home with a scissors and 
cut a hole in his t-shirt. last week monday he wanted to learn how to 
mend his on t-shirt. he did brilliantly. 

cold storage is the supermarket we go to. the fish area is kellen's
favorite.  everytime we go, he will say 'i'm going to say hello to the fish mommy'. 
every time he wants to know all the names of the different sea animals. 
he now wants to look for a recipe so that we can make something with crab in

we try to have fresh produce as much as possible.  
marcel loves coconut juice. fresh. 

bath time has always been a highlight in kellen's life. 
even still today. 
here we ran a bath at 14h30 the afternoon because he wanted to play. 

i am trying out new camera applications on my iphone. 
i love my iphone! 
love love love! 


we love to swim

we watch the sunset every evening

we meet up with friends at new places 

we read. 
every day. 
reading is knowledge. 

i am in heaven n a bookshop. 

kellen with his friends at the play room

eating cupcakes with his friends. 
thank you brigitte :-) xx

i had some me-time. 
first time this month. 
LOVE books! 

everyone IS beautiful. 
you are beautiful! 

the thing we enjoy most to do is love on one another. 
every day. 
we climb over each other. 
when kellen wakes up in the mornings, he is a dog. woof-woof! 
before he goes to sleep, he is a cat. miaau! miaau! 
we do what we know best to do. 
we love. xx