Tuesday, August 2, 2011


i've been struggling to download the photos from my cameras -s omething wrong with the card reader...and i'm not wasting time on trying and trying...sorry! here are some photos that i took with my most favorite these days - my iphone! LOVE!!! Enjoy! 

what do you do when stuck in the traffic in a cab? 
kellen and i

red chair... 
i take photos during the drive...everything is so colourful 
and beautiful...mmm....getting magical ideas

kellen's 'smile!' face..heehee
we went to serandah this weekend with Ansgar, 
a german guy working with marcel...he loves to explore
the 'local' places and there you go... 

families sitting in the water, enjoying cooling off in the heat

oh! and foreigners! heehee 

the waterfall...it is beautiful! 

ok, i'm tired. 

mommy! look how strong i am! 

trying to climb up to the waterfall 

done. ready to go home. 

yummy, ice cold watermelon juice! yum! 

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