Sunday, August 7, 2011

500 icons of malaysia*

a friend of marcel, Ansgar, has this amazing book (above). 
every sunday he takes us on 
a trip around kl to see something different. 
today he took us to ampang outlook point. 

of course, living in malaysia, you never say 'it is hot'. 
you just order the coldest and yummiest lemon juice, or
chocolate milkshake, or strawberry juice. 
kellen's favorite is watermelon juice. 

a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 

a mantra:  'i'm an adult. act like an adult'...with kellen i have to remind
myself continuously not to spoil my own great plans! :-) 

the view of kuala lumpur.... beautiful

colourful fruit

ansgar took us to an indochinese restaurant. 
we were waiting for people and shtttt.... (in a whisper!)
('i was really really very very hot!')

it felt like we were in a different country with candles
and statues everywhere. you could smell the incense they burned... 
the food was delicious! 

while we waited for our company, kellen 
went exploring...he was sooo excited

magical light

best part of the day? kellen falling asleep on my lap xx