Sunday, August 21, 2011

magical miracles, 3 years*

dear Kellen, 

Tomorrow, 3 years ago, I drove to Hermanus to pick you up. You were a sweet, energetic little boy who wanted to run around all the time... always time for a giggle. 

Having you in my life and heart has changed everything... you turned me over and made me realise how much i've always loved you.  I've loved you from the moment that i knew you were born... Cathy phoned me and said she is holding our baby and that our name was engraved on your forehead.  You came to us when you were 18 months old.... and today you are a brave and wild 4-year old who says he is 7.....or 48..heehee. 

Mommy loved you even before you knew me.  This photo was taken on the Monday when we met you for the first time. When you saw your daddy, you put your arms out for him to pick you up and you have stolen his heart. 

This past 3 years has been everything we always dreamed of and more. The amount of love and laughter you have brought into our hearts....they are filled to the brim... the amazing things you have taught us...

It amazes me the little things you are aware of, as if you have been on this earth for much longer than your 3 years. You notice the tiniest details and are always aware of people being sad or happy....wanting to reach out and make it better for them. Your soft and open heart connect you instantly with other people and especially animals... you love them...

thinking back on the past 3 years words that come up for me about your little personality is:
* brave *energetic * strong willed *curious *adventurer *soft-hearted *happy-go-lucky *thoughtfulness * helpful *loving *touchy-feely *wise *typical 4 year old *knows exactly what you want * brilliant memory * big heart *

things you love doing:
*swimming *painting *reading * animals * cucumber * jumping on mommy & daddy *playing with cars *bathing *have an instant love for junglebook and cars * building *singing * dancing *making jokes

*you eat almost anything and this past month your favorite snack is a jam sandwhich, no butter :0) and pieces of cucumber and apples

things/words you use:
*awesomeness * yes darling * cool *ma my *hoekom? (why)

things you dislike:
*tomatoes *mushrooms

you know Jesus and what He likes and dislikes.  You talk about him constantly when you are learning a moral lesson...usually teaching me how He would feel...

your friends are:
Bree, Lauren, Henre, Morgan & Mia

the most amazing thing you do is when we put you to bed, we read a story and afterwards you read or tell the story to us. the highlight of my day is when you ask 'mommy, what did you not enjoy today?' where you make your eyes big and round.  and then definitely the 'what did you enjoy most doing today'. daddy and i sing to you... you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey, you never know dear, how much i love you, please don't take my sunshine away. '

when we start singing, you turn around, cuddle and you fall asleep...

thank you for choosing us as your parents, all glory to God for making our dreams come true.


mommy loves you,

to the moon and back xx

In a moment of searching for a misplaced passport, a little card fell off my chair and the message was 'expect wonderful things to happen.'.  i picked a bag up and there, right under it, the misplaced, now found-and-very-happy-people's-passport was screaming at us to scream and jump from joy!

this wonderful happiness is the continuation of our dreams... on friday evening, 19/8/11 @ 19h00pm (Malaysian time) our social worker contacted us to hear what our plans are and and and....

* we are going to be parents to a little 3 month old baby girl...

* we are returning to cape town on tuesday evening...

* we are going to be daddy and mommy to a baby girl....

for us, this exceptional happy things happening is truly magical miracles*