Sunday, November 6, 2011

something for you*

you have greatness and genius within you.

be bold - take your place center stage in your life.

choose love.

grow something.

believe in your own happiness.

you are remarkable!

wherever you go, there you are.

let life flow.


choose to experience the sweetness of today.

kill them with kindness.

it's amazing to know that you exist!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

the magic of her fairy godmother*

dear fairy-godmother,
this moment is filled with love,
filling my heart, and your heart and kellens' heart.
when you are close, everything falls into place.
i fall into a calmness that my mama cannot explain...
it must be your softness + love + calmness + amazement and wonder of life.
thank you for saying yes.
yes for life.
yes for you.
yes for me
(and kellen...he loves you too...)
thank you for being here.
for embracing me with your whole being.
thank you for loving me even before you knew me.
and when you met me... for opening your heart a million kazillion times.
you are magic, but then,
you are the fairy-godmother...wink*
i'll treasure the moments we are together.
you are the sweetness in our lives.
we love you xx

So every day
I was surrounded by the beautiful crying forth
of the ideas of God,
one of which was you.”
Mary Oliver

in this moment*

Where have we been?
Time flies when you are having fun...heehee...
We've been...

drawing in the road...experiencing how much taller Kellen is than his sister...

Spending some time with daddy and bella...

when kellen opens his eyes in the morning, his first words are: 'Mama, please bring bella'... and then he cuddles with her...

 having friends over for definitely need some kisses on the table...

making friends...

being grateful and mindful about just how lucky we are to have each other... the clothes that bella has on is still something my mom bought for morgan when he was a baby...sooo special...

still waking up...cuddling with bella...

Time sure flies when you are having fun! I thought being at home is going to be awesome with all the time I'm going to have available.... without realising 4 hours has past (again) and it's time for Bella's feed.

And here we are in November already. I missed a whole month (blogging) but definitely not living. For me there is nothing more amazing than being a mama to 2 little is pure magic.