Sunday, August 7, 2011

it's the little things*

the past week was about the little things in our life...
eventhough we live in a different country, life is still normal. 
say for instance i want to go into the city, we have to get a taxi, 
take everything we might need with us, (therefor at this stage i'm only
using my iphone to take photographs), because it is small and easy :-) 
you have to get your timing right so that you are not stuck in traffic, because 
taxi ride will cost anything between RM10 and RM50 
(if you want to go to the zoo, stucked in traffic). 

and it is shtttt.... hot! and you are sweaty! and kellen 
does not want to walk... and he wants to go home, because he is hot 
(i'm allowed to say it - he is a child...heehee). 

so for us, this week has been about the little things*

playing, photographing, giggling in the taxi while stuck in traffic

ansgar joined us at the aquaria before we went to the
waterfall last weekend. here we are walking to 
suria mall through the park... was fabulous! 

shaving his beard. it is so thick. he has to shave every day.

you all know me as the home goddess of 'the river'! heehee! 
a person has to try to make it enjoyable... so give me a camera
and i'll love it! 

playing number games with kellen. 
willem - you and he fit like a glove. he makes his own rules 
in every game. 
we are teaching him now that there are rules and should he not 
follow the proper rules, there are no games to play :-) 

dipping rusks in his coffee. 
willem - again, you taught him this, and 
it was the first thing he asked for when we arrived here: 
tee en beskuit! 

making watermelon suckers for when lauren and bree 
came over to play and swim.... yum! 

trying out new dried fruit.  
while we were trying out prunes, the following conversation took place: 
me: 'those were ouma daphne's favorite'.
he: 'why is not her favorite anymore?' 
me: 'because she is not here, she died'.
he: 'i know. when i die, i will take a packet of dried prunes for her'. 
so happy with himself. 

we are an hour and a half's flight away from phuket, thailand. 
we are sooo close to beautiful islands... 
surfing the net and making notes of holiday destinastions! 

building roads with number cards... we are working very hard here! 

kellen doing his kumon all by himself 

baking cookies... 

eating out with daddy on a friday night. 

saturday night we had hamburgers for supper. when i 
placed kellen's plate in front of him, he screamed out: 
'awesomeness'. my heart fluttered! 

on sundays we don't pack away... we do nothing

we don't pick up towels (or rather i don't!) 

we play with sticky tape - because it is fun and beautiful colours! 

we read stories in bed

 we love. 
artwork by kellen xx