Wednesday, October 31, 2012

@#$% people say to transracial families

Just came across this video here where 3 moms who adopted made a video with everything they have heard from people... it is hilarious and  i would think that only if you have adopted transracial will you truly understand where the humor comes from... if you have not adopted and you have asked some of these questions...take note... don't ask again... not so funny.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

this amazing life!

in the blogging world it becomes a topic once in a year as to why one blog? for me it is to 'connect', to not feel lonely in a different country and to keep a record of our life for my children one day. yes, also for family and friends to see what we've been up to, but mostly i love to write, and this blog is a space where i can sit down and share... i've been absent although not absent minded... i've been enjoying this amazing life of ours! 

our godchild arrived 3 weeks ago, staying for 3 months. my heart is sooooo full, my time is limited and all we do is giggle and laugh and talk and exercise (hehe...) and giggle some more. 

i thought it only rained when you barbecue in the UK? hehe... forgot about the thunderstorms and monsoon season here in KL.  It is beautiful... and hot.. and the rain is warm and refreshing.  we were invited for a barbecue today... and then it rained.  we will not be stopped...hehe... we were soaking wet but had such fun in the rain. the kids were running around and swimming and playing... for about an hour... before we went up to the apartment.  

when one stays in your neighborhood you tend to forget how much other beautiful places there are around you. my friend stays on the 39th floor of their building and the swimming pool is on the 1st level... which looks out over the whole of mont kiara... it's beautiful..

 and this girl? she is funny and loving and kind and quiet... she is strong and beautiful. she knows what she wants in life. she is brave and adventurous and open for change. she is soft hearted and love(d).
she fills my heart like one of my own children and she sees me. she knows me. she knows my heart. she makes me want to be the best human being i can possible be. this beautiful girl has my heart xx