Saturday, August 11, 2012

tips on how to react on a tantrum*

Part of living in a different country is the hundreds of opportunities you get...which you cannot decline... life is too good to decline things that your heart desire...that makes your heart beat faster and make you feel alive! 

 This is a photo of the sun setting tonight in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo.  (I know!!!! Borneo!!!!) I still cannot grasp how amazing it is to get these opportunities... for me it is all blessings from above... especially this sunset...


while i was playing with the manual setting and trying to get all the technical things of my camera, i put little bella down next to me in the sand... and then i moved... (and she stayed)... and i moved again... and she stayed... and when i looked over to her, this is what i saw (insert BIG surprised eyes!) and a huge smile in here...

Bella fell down into the sand, threw her little legs up in the air and start screaming...
I know! Can you believe it? 14 months old... i burst out laughing... and snapped away..hehehe..

'mamaaaaa.... i don't like the sand.... please pick me up....'

'if you don' pick me up, i will just lie here... in the sand... which i don't like... at all...'
(and in the meantime kellen is copying everything she is doing and saying)

'mama!!! pick me up!' (no: please mama, can you please pick me up')
just maaaaaaaa... 

tips on how to react on a tantrum: 

1.  turn around and act surprise
2.  smile and say you don't believe your eyes
3.  make sure she cannot hear you
4.  turn around and giggle loudly
5.  ignore said person and continue shooting sunsets
6.  listen to her in the background
7.  walk closer with a smile on your face
8.  say 'smile'... and take a few photos... and some more... 
9.  take her hand and pull her up
10. smile and keep on talking as if nothing happened... 
11. smile and laugh from within...knowing how truly blessed you are to be her mama 

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