Thursday, August 9, 2012

tips on having fun during looonnggg holidays*

1. dress brightly...the sun is shining... your heart is singing... life is good... (i hope for you too) xx

2.  learn to snorkel... eventhough you may only scuba dive when you are 12... seemingly life is unfair for this 5 year old boy... he wants to scuba dive, gym, play big boy soccer for which you have to be 12 years old

3. work on your balance in the swimming pool... take one step at a time... and smile.. you are beautiful!

4.  wear different hats....literally... make some new ones and if you don't like the hat you have on now, change it. the sooner you do the change, the sooner your heart will sing with happy

5.  play and laugh...try something new. learn a new skill. go on! do it! yes YOU!

6.  swim as much as possible... relax... imagine you are a dolphin in the water... and make the sound of dolphins playing...hehe.. when last did you do that... my brother and i used to play this when we were little... was one of our favorite games....

7.  teach your little sister to breathe in water... or to hold up her breath... of if neither works, just throw water in her face and see what happens. he calls it 'experiment' / or learning her something new / or he wants to see what she does...

8.  get up and live! just do it xx

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