Saturday, August 25, 2012

4 magical years your mama*

i was just looking through my old blog and came across this post  which captured the magic of the first few days that kellen came to live with us. he was 18 months old... such a sweetie. 

he was one of the easiest toddlers... always busy running and jumping and climbing and was laughing often.  i remember i did not have a clue as to what to do or what to give him to eat and wished my mom was with me.

hehe... i remember when it was 12 o'clock and i put him down for his nap, that i thought phew! now it's downhill to bedtime...hehe... this little rascal was busy!

he is soft hearted and kind, lovable and easygoing.  he is respectful and eager to learn new things. he is curios and loves any form as art.  if i could let him loose in my studio, he would be in heaven.  he loves ball sports and is like a fish in the water. when he grows up he wants to be a the best soccer player. his daddy is his hero.  

(* when we met kellen on that beautiful monday, marcel and i went to buy winter clothes for kellen.  i asked, out of curiosity, 'will we allow our son to wear spiderman t-shirts?' marcel looked at me and said: 'no, i'm going to be his superhero'.  for the first 2 years, when ever kellen saw a picture of spiderman, and we asked who that is, he would say 'my daddy' (which we did not initiated). hehe x)

he could easily live off pasta.  he prefers vegetables and lettuce to meat and would eat porridge for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  

for the past 2 years his favorite colour was green and for the last 4 months it has changed to orange.  he loves bright colours and asks endless questions. he will ask a question on a question which we will answer with :' you must surely know that answer as you are asking such genius questions'. 

he has a soft, soft heart... one day when he is big, 'he is going to pick up all the children on the streets who do not have mommies and daddies, he is going to take them to his house, give them food and be their daddy'.

last week monday evening he saw an advertisement on the television of a baby girl (that looks a lot like bella) who was begging for food. she looked sad and cold and he immediately wanted to know where this girl is.  that night, we could not get him to stop crying for this girl who looked so sad. he wanted to go out instantly to look for her, to bring her home and we can be here mommy and daddy too.  after a while, i read him a story and we talked about different things and i, very enthusiastically asked him what we are going to do tomorrow, on which he replied; ' we are going to look for the little girl, we are going to look for 100 little sad girls and bring them home and make their hearts full'.  i nearly burst out in tears and it took marcel and myself to explain again that it was only an advertisement...

the reality of this advertisement and the many children out there who does not have a home, always reminds me to be truly grateful for our lives... for our 2 children (and those that are still on their way to us)... you can make a difference too...

i have a feeling in my heart that he is going to be an ambassador for adoption when he is older and that this little boy is going to change the world for many other children...

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