Thursday, February 28, 2013

baffling my mind

something that really baffles my mind is that people don't want to read happy, good news. people want to read about grief and death and infertility, grieving and sadness. or so it seems to me. the only conclusion i can come to is that if more people are honest with themselves, more people will be able to work through their own sadness, so that they want to read the happy news too. why are we pretending to be happy when we are not?

important things i've learned on my journey:

1. you are allowed to sit with the feelings of sadness
2. you don't have to push them away and never speak about them
3. you are allowed to cry about it
4.  every single day if you wish or need to
5.  write about them, talk with someone, blog about it, get it out - which ever way works for you
6.  don't keep it in. it will hang around (and pull you down) until you acknowledge said sad feelings
7.  embrace it. the sadness. the infertility. the loneliness. the grief. welcome it in.
8.  you are allowed to be angry. write about it and burn it. it is empowering
9.  talk to someone who can acknowledge what you are feeling. (i only needed 2 sessions with a counsellor  6 years ago to talk about things that i remembered when i was 7.  the only words i needed to hear was: 'it sounds to me as if she was a very sick woman').
10.  then let it go.
11.  breath deep... and
12.  stand up and move on.
13.  keep on moving
14.  and choose to use this chance on earth that you have to really be who YOU are!

no comparisons.

no excuses.

just you.

be you.

open your heart and be who you know you are.

just be you xx

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