Friday, February 15, 2013

(celebrate today) #fridayfavs

Hear blessings dropping their blossoms around you. 

I'm joining Rachel in her favorites for fridays post where i will be sharing some photos of the week... enjoy them! it literally is blessings that drops into my

snuggles and giggles with kellen and his two little dragons. they go everywhere and have the most               interesting conversations.
listen to everything they say.

every morning i drive the same road to kellen's school. every morning i stop at this traffic light, looking for the washing mama. every day she is hanging clothes on their lines to dry. every day i wonder what her life is like... is it hard... is she happy... how many grandchildren does she have...are they healthy...but mostly... is she happy....
look for the beauty around you.

these curls? wild & crazy.  happiness live here. in them. with them. 
be wild...don't try to tame your were born wild

grateful for our healthy children. for them meeting their physical milestones. for being able to jump and run and fall and to get up and try again. so grateful for health.  
try again, stand up and do it again. it does not matter if you are successful or not...just try! 

little polka-dot dresses... sweet girly legs who carries herself with such pride. 
be proud of yourself. YOU are awesome. be able to show and tell them every day how much i love them. teaching
them what love is through loving themselves.  yes,
loving yourself first. say it: 'i love myself'.

signs everywhere i go.  a daily reminder of what really is important in life. play more

leaves...grateful for leaves. to jump in. to throw up in the air. to watch them fall. leaves to keep for our nature table. in a country where there are no seasons, leaves are huge...
appreciate the seasons.

them. together. next to each other for more than a minute without one running away.
 (secret: give them ice-cream..heehee)...
  capture 'them'.

bedtime-stories & giggles* bella joins us for stories now in bed and then tries to fall asleep with us...not so successful.  she can lie for about 7 minutes and then she starts jumping around and giggling.... which means it's time to go back to her room...
be patient, embrace these giggles and stories... 

my little pout* she started to realise that she can tease me with that instantly makes me want to kiss her from top to toe, and she knows that... teasing me with her little cute mouth...i want to eat her. 
nibble on them.

no routines*  we are quite good with no routines. saturdays are one of those days where everyone does what he feels like, as you can see in the photo...bella is eating chips for breakfast, on the floor... 
let go of routine/structure...

sibling love*  i think they are each other's favorite person.
capture their love...

 living in another country*  chinese new year celebrations... Gong Xi Fa Cai

magic* lights...millions and millions of lights that remind me to look for the magic... 
look for the magic..

heat. humidity. summer all year round. love every minute of the heat.
appreciate your weather.

possibilities*  please pray with us as we enter the world of adoption again, opening our hearts and home for more children... we trust in God xx

this boy* he teaches me to live in the moment. to be here. now. he made me a mama. 
the most amazing thing on earth and how honored i am to raise him and have him call me mama. 
be here now. 

good luck* faith* clementines are a sign for good luck in the Chinese culture. during chinese new year everyone gifts clementines to everyone. good wishes. the chinese children receive a little envelope with some money in, which they get until the year they get married. the older ones especially loves that. 
believe in something. good luck for your year. believe in God. 

go grab a piece of paper, a journal, your computer... and write down your blessings... it is the little things..the smile..the running towards  you... the waking up and seeing the sun... hearing the rain drip on your roof... your dogs wet nose in your face... write each of them down and feel blessed. 

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  1. Love the "don't tame your were born wild". And love the curls. You're kids are beautiful! Stopping by from life rearranged.