Thursday, February 7, 2013

6 magical years old*

kellen turned six.

when he turned 2 (& 3 & 4 & 5), on his birthday, he used to wake up and turn over, smiled while  watching how the candles burned. this year, he is 6. he slept on his tummy, mumbled something about  'i want to sleep some more, leave me alone'... until he realised it was HIS birthday.  in that instant, i realised he is growing up.. too big too fast... and my heart skipped beat.

his favorite color is orange. he loves doughnuts and when we have meals, he prefers vegetables or fruit or salad over meat. when i ask him what he wants for dinner he would say pasta or fish.  he talks non-stop at the table. he adores his little sister, she is his favorite person.  and his daddy. he wants to be outside all the time. he loves any type of ball games, especially rugby and soccer.  he speaks english at school and afrikaans at home. he is kind and caring. he will help a friend in need. he cannot wait to get to school in the mornings to see his friends. he loves reading at school, but not at home. he wants to do things that an artist does. he loves being creative. he is always making something for someone with paper. we lay with him when he goes to dreamland. he always say: 'meet you at the lego tree mama'.

he is kind.  soft hearted. compassionate and open. shy. impatient when he is tired and loves to cuddle. he is happy and easy going. he is amazing.

(love you to the moon and back xx)

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