Sunday, April 7, 2013


Our hearts are full! 

Yesterday we arrived home after a 21 hour flight from South Africa! (the kids were angels).

We realised (again) how much we love our country. 
We know how much we are loved by our families.
We look forward to the day that we pack our belongings and go back to South Africa for good.   

We had 3 weeks of tremendous laughter! and giggles, of cousins and connections that only happens in families, (that thing about 'ties that bind' - yes!), weeks of sea and sand and blue blue skies, of colder weather (which we loved!), of beskuit (rusks) and meat and potjiekos and lots of wine, weeks of going to bed late at night and getting up early to capture the day (not! the kids woke up early..hehe). We had the most amazing 3 weeks with our families in our home country, South Africa. 

Just before we left we were contacted by a lady to adopt a baby boy... unfortunately he has been adopted by another family and we are excitingly waiting for our baby.  Praying that he/she will arrive at exactly the right time as we know that God knows every little and big detail.  

I will post more about all of the above in the next few weeks. 

Heart full. 
Kids (very) happy (and awake :-) 
Dreaming. Praying. Trusting. Knowing. 

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