Monday, July 2, 2012

music is what feelings sound like*

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five years ago we moved to the united kingdom for no set period.  that specific year and a half was our time to heal, the time God used to prepare us to become parents to the most amazing little boy.  thinking back to that time in our lives, the first feeling i remember is such sadness... i was so sad... very very sad... i wanted to be a mama...with my  whole heart i wanted to be a mama.  we waited and prayed for ten whole years...

a friend, who i made through blogging, gave me a cd with songs on that i've never heard before - a mix, with songs that healed my heart and helped me to cope with the sadness i was feeling in that time.  for months and months i listened to that cd on my way to work and back - the music literally carried me through the days until we got the call on that monday afternoon. 

on my drive to work the tuesday morning, i put the cd on and the first words i heard was 'the impossible  is born'... which was a song by coldplay or david gray... perfect... for in that moment... to hear: ' do you want to adopt a little 18 month old boy?', the impossible was indeed born. 

that was august 2008.  

today, july 2012, is a totally different story. a good and happy story... and yes, music is what feelings sounds like.  i'm a mama to a wild and happy, crazy and extra-ordinary 5 year old boy.  i'm a mama to a funky, sweet, soft-hearted, wild and crazy little 1 year old girl. we live in malaysia and we are blessed beyond our wildest imaginations.  

here are my top 4 songs... the rhythm of these are what my feelings sounds like: 

1.  drive by - train
2.  pumped up kicks - foster the people
3.  hey, soul sister - train
4.  we are young - feat. janelle monae

what does your feelings sounds like? tell me xx

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