Thursday, July 12, 2012

10 tips on 'end of the school year'

kellen and his friends performing

1.  write down the dates and times of everything happening at the school
2.  remember to check your calendar
3.  put reminders on your phone
4.  be there
5.  sit in the front row
6.  remember your camera/video camera (if you forget both, use your phone)
7.  smile & feel proud. you are allowed to. 
8.  don't cry
9.  look around you and feel grateful
10. tell him afterwards how proud you are of him

living abroad means having SUMMER HOLIDAYS! 6 weeks of uninterrupted fun! i cannot believe  that my little (big) boy is going to year 1 in september. mind blowing. 

we've been busy with end-of-the-year gifts, performances, sport days, award ceremonies, goodbye parties.... in-between he said he wanted to start drumming lessons.... 

tomorrow we are sitting down with pen and paper to make a list of everything we would love to do this summer, holding space to just be... 

to be lazy
to sleep late
to stay in our pj's all day
to make forts 
to have breakfast in bed 
to play outside all day long 
to have water fun
to bake cookies and cake and whatever he feels like
to read stories in bed
to relax and just be here. 

school closes tomorrow! 

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