Sunday, July 8, 2012

list 1 of 38*

things i want to do:
1.  make a list of things to do outside and put on back door
2.  let kellen wash bicycles and other big trucks
3.  plant herbs
4.  paint shelves for herbs
5.  play tennis
6.  make play dough
7.  go through interest and make lists of things i want to do
8.  go for pedicure (have to squeeze this one somewhere in)
9.  swim every day
10. go for a walk every morning and afternoon
11. play music all day long
12. get end-of-year gifts for teacher
13. look for material to make throws for couches 
14. love on my littles
15. love myself xx

1 comment:

  1. no. 3 is on the top of my list right now...i saw painted coffee cans, with holes punched into the bottom for drainage, used for planting herbs and it's so cheerful!

    no. 15...i'm working on that one.