Saturday, June 30, 2012

welcome to singapore*

My dad and sister are visiting from Canada and South Africa. We are having the time of our life, just came back from a week visiting singapore...

welcome to singapore ! (unreal!) 

We are for sure living at this station...hehe.. 

there were lots of play in the sand and water... cousin love! 

many a night we would walk down to the beach for dinner... right 
next to the beach... we talked and laughed and ate while the cousins were
swimming right in front of us in the sea... 

we walked every single day... it was super hot, literally. 
anyone freezing, come visit us! 

We were here the whole week... the southern most point 
of continental asia... surreal! 

family + cousins + sun + traditions + laughter + memories = one big LOVE fest! 

having my dad and sister visiting with her 2 sons, is amazing. 
these past few weeks went like a whirlwind, with such magic! 
heart full xx 

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