Monday, July 18, 2011

waiting + love*

playing games with daddy at BAT, Technology Park

very into the game...

waiting.... and waiting... and waiting... 

from everythinging in Ikea he chose this heart with arms... 

We got a car today!!! Appreciate your car. Appreciate the transport system in the UK. We waited about 3 hours today to get Marcel's car.  Was no use going into the city and back again so we waited in the cafeteria.  

Oh! we loved driving out of the garage... we felt like royalty.. heehee. 

Went to Ikea to get a few things for Kellen to make his room more comfortable and child friendly... of everything he chose this heart with arms... 'so that our love can hold him at night'.... my heart burst with gratitude.   I tell him daily how much we love him, how he was born in our hearts, how he fills every little inch of space in our hearts.... and that love can heal anything.  I've started to collect rocks that is heart shaped and he started seeing them too... magical! I adore his choice of toy.... so that our love can hold him at night... magical xx

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