Sunday, July 24, 2011

lost city of tanbun, ipoh*

lost city of tunbun, ipoh

 and everywhere is people....big ones and small ones

playing pirates on the ship...he loved it! 


oh! more people! :-) 

waiting in the rain for kellen while he is playing and swimming... 

going down.....

marcel: 'you cannot take your eyes off him for one minute'. 
me:  'where is he?' there! no... there... no... 

there he is!!!!! 
is that him? :-) yes! 

ouch...bumped his albow against the side...

yes! it's him!!! 

just kick off your shoes and play

'daffie duck' was there too... 

resting at the hotel 

orange... my favorite colour! 

best thing about coming 'home' in a foreign country? 
to skype with your family! 
(if only the immelmans can get skype!) 

we went to ipoh with marcel's work and had lots of fun. basicly it was rain, water, and 'eye-ing' where kellen is, he was all over the place. he loves swimming and i think at the end he swam for about 3 hours before we could go back to the hotel. 

saturday evening we had dinner with bat (marcel's work) and the chicken was so hot! we ate rice and had beer... heehee... to cool down our burning mouths... 

kellen and biance (cute 2 year old of xavier) danced the night away... kellen got his moves from his daddy... awesome! 

first week of living in malaysia and things that jump into my mind are: 
*  the lovely, warm, weather... 
* swim, swim, swim
* wishing our families were here with us to experience it all 
* hot, spicy food
* lots of water :-) 
* looking for 'western toilets'

feelings of: 
* gratefulness... to not have to take life easy... to nurture my son and husband... to be in the moment... to live my dream... 
* awareness... that i can teach kellen how to make the best of any situation... to really be here and to see what he see... to be present... of how lucky we are to be here... 

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