Saturday, July 16, 2011

not our usual saturday

the 3 of us in the taxi on our way to BB Plaza and Low Hat

people... and more people.... 

walking to Low Hat

talking to his dad about possibilities of getting some toys..heehee

driving into Mont Kiara (area where we live)
such a city life! 

and this one is for Beth! love you xx

not our usual saturday as marcel and kellen slept until 13h30 in the afternoon!!! i tried to wake them, they just turned around.... 
we went into the city to get some essentials.  
the weather is lovely - i expected it to be much hotter.  year round swimming - how great is that! 
it is lovely being here. marcel asks me every now and then how i am feeling... happy... content... excited...but you know me, give me something new and i'll roll with it..heehee xx

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