Thursday, July 21, 2011

klcc park*

the playpark for kiddies

'Look mommy! a surfboard!' 

Traditional toilet (not a happy face!) the black thing
is a pipe with water with which you clean yourself. no toiletpaper. 
there are western toilets like we know it, but not everywhere. 
the floors are ALWAYS wet. 
totally gross :-( 

time to cool off in this heat! 

Petronas towers from behind the waterfall in swimming pool 


making friends in the swimming pool

we played hop scotch in this heat! 

us xx

I wanted to go to KLCC Park yesterday and then Kellen decided to sleep until 11am, then he wanted to stay home to rest because "he was tired'.  And boy did I make him rest! heehee... 

we went today and it was fabulous! The trip there in the taxi was a bit uncertain. The taxi driver was an old man driving 20km/hour on the highway with classical music playing in the background. Never again. 

At the park there is amazing jungle gyms for children to play on and so many to choose from. Kellen had a ball and afterwards he went for a swim in the wading pool.  It is beautiful and so child friendly. 

The public toilet (or tandas in mandarin) is not so cool. you wait until you get home, unless you are a child... 

i'm now totally in their time zone, not tired at all and totally rested. Want to start tonight to start a list of things that we can do until the school starts in September. 

It is quite exciting (and hot!). What would you have done if you were living here, and you did not have to work? Come on! give me your ideas! xx

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