Monday, July 25, 2011

going on a photo walk*

please join us today on our daily (photo) walk...
this is what we see (and do) every day...

kellen taking out his camera, getting ready to shoot what he see :0) 

living in the city = sky high buildings
living in kuala lumpur = clouds = thunder! 

kellen is extremely comfortable. we have a stroller to 
accommodate us (! cannot carry him when he gets tired!) heehee... 
taking photos while sitting... brillaint

a fruit stall with traditional malaysian fruit
(will have separate post just for their fruit)

kellen started kumon classes today. he says it was 
numbers and very difficult and he had to use his brain... 

cold storage - our closest supermarket. 
it is very clean, though a bit expensive. 

jalan (street) solaris

cold storage is to the left and the kumon classes to the right

between the buildings... agter strate..heehee

taking a break to have his ice cream 
lovely weather.. we eat ice cream when it is hot... 
here it is everyday! :-) 

i am sooo big! 

my taxi...or kellen's... or the groceries... 
at least i don't have to carry it all.. 

'jalan' means 'street'

life is tough... a car park attendee taking a break

high rise buildings and clouds

tree is dressed and loved 

entering our residence


beautiful doors to enter

our way to the east side... 
we live in east, floor 8, residence 2

kellen's task is to press the up or down button 
as well as number 8 (teaching number recognition). 

oooeee!!! that's our residence... 
we are so lucky to have cleaning services twice a week... heaven! 
the girls cleaning comes from vietnam and their english not that good

walking down the road to our residence. 

kellen and i exploring the surrounding areas

oh!!! look what we have found. we need a ball. 

sue...look out! practising!!! heehee 


learning mandarin (their language) 
masuk = in
tandas = toilets
yah = yes

inbetween this photo walk we jumped about 3 times in the swimming pool 

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