Wednesday, February 15, 2012

tips on 'how to ignore grief' *

Happy birthday mom. We love you xx

1.  what grief?
2.  smile.
3.  stay busy. 
4.  act as if you don't have time for yourself. 
5.  ignore any other birthdays/anniversaries of friends/family who have died...
6.  'forget' special dates
7.  definitely don't speak to your siblings.
8.  don't phone your dad.
9.  act strong.
10. put a cheer in your voice.
11. smile when someone phones you.
12. don't phone anyone.
13. change the subject when they get too close for comfort.
14. don't cry. jump up and do something totally different... like cleaning something.
15. breath deeply... and even deeper.
16. don't look in the mirror at yourself. you'll see straight through your masks.
17. celebrate something.
18.  have a picnic.
18.  be ruthless and wild (total give-away!)
20.  keep on telling yourself 'i'm ok' :-)
21. on a second note, don't answer any phone calls.

PS: tomorrow will be part 2 of the grieving thing..hehe

PPS: 3rd birthday of my mom since she died