Tuesday, February 14, 2012

how to love 24/7

How would YOU love 24/7?
Can one love 24/7?
What is 24/7?
Being present, what's that?
Being present is the equivalent of loving 24/7.

24/7 |ˈtwentēˌfôr ˈsevən| (also 24-7)
adverb informaltwenty-four hours a day, seven days a week; all the time you just can't afford to let things get you down,especially when you are on call 24/7.
it means to love all the time... is that at all possible? to love being aware that you are loving? i believe you can and this is how to love 24/7:  

Watch something extraordinary! 

Spoil yourself with a package with YOUR name on it, 
(from Amazon...) 

believe in a better world

always have little umbrellas to celebrate 
this ordinary extraordinary day. 

get wet, laugh & take a photo. 

light candles... celebrate beautiful summer evenings
celebrate love... 

Grow something

Get messy. 

Make flapjacks, stack them so high that they tumble over. 

(most important):  Open your heart! 

Go to a wedding. 

Take family photos in the mirror.

Cut and paste hundreds of hearts for every mirror 
in your home. Love yourself too. 

Sit, close your eyes, smile and let them draw on your face. 
(It washes off easily). 

Love with ever fibre in your body. Forget about everything else, 
in this moment, you open your heart and you love.