Monday, February 13, 2012

14 tips on savoring THIS moment*

1.  open your eyes & move slower
2.  look around you
3.  when something 'catch' your eye, sit down
4.  watch (them) it
5.  keep still
6.  smile
7.  touch your heart...take it all in
8.  keep on watching...wanting to touch and feel (them) it
9.  'thinking' you want to 'remember' THIS moment for ever
10. jump up and get a camera..anything that can shoot a photo
11. remind yourself to do it quietly
12. snap...snap...snap...
13. continue your day with a smile on your face, a warmth in your heart and memory that you can go back to when ever you need to s l o w d o w n.
14. treasure (them) / it / your life.