Wednesday, July 10, 2013

End of school year... only 2 more days!

t w o days. 2 days until we have long summer holidays!

i am counting down the days until this school year ends. 
i'm not making any appointments/dates for  the first 2 weeks. 
in this house we are going to go under the radar... sleep late, stay in pajamas all day, sort out the toys, eat whatever we feel like. paint. mess. bake cookies. order pizza. 

tonite, all i can think of is sleep. lots of it. not having to get up. wake up, have tea and getting back into bed. napping. movies. swimming. no reading. just being.  

not.doing.anything. not even talking. 

with 2 kids? 

you bet. 

(insert loud laugh) xx
(who am i kidding?) 

but that's the idea :-) 

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