Saturday, January 5, 2013

grateful & excited*

years ago, when we were still in the midst of our (in)fertility journey, we became the godparents to this beautiful girl.  to be godparents to her gave us the feeling of being 'needed' and filled the big sadness we were in.  add to that the miraculous adoption stories of our two little ones and we are grateful... our hearts overflowing with love, our hearts so full it can burst! 

she is at the end of her 3 month visit here in malaysia and everyone is getting a little bit quieter every day.  to see how bella and kellen connected with her, having all three 'our kids' under one roof at the same time is an extra blessing.  to witness how much the little ones love her, how they joke with her and fight with her... how they make eye contact and start's magic. 

these past few days are filled with quiet moments of gratitude... memories made and relived through photos... loud burst of laughter and screaming... because they can scream/yell together.. and then they laugh... when she goes home, our house is going to be quiet... the little ones are going to look for her.. they will miss her.. her room is going to be empty and we are going to miss looking up and seeing her entering a room with that beautiful smile of hers... 

(we love you) xx

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