Tuesday, December 25, 2012

'Mary Christmas'

this morning in church our pastor greeted us with a 'Mary Christmas'.  The sermon was about being like Mary... and that each one of us can carry Jesus within us, for when you carry Jesus within you, you walk a different walk, you talk differently, you see life differently and your life will be changed for ever. 

Mary Christmas every one! I wish for you and your family to be surrounded with people that LOVE you and truly see YOU.

Kellen & Bella with Father Christmas
(ps: the father christmas's here in malaysia are very soft spoken).. 

milk and biscuits for Santa

they came!!! the reindeer dropped off our gifts...kellen is VERY happy! 

this is my aunt, with a voice that belongs on radio... what a privilege to have her here 
and to hear her read the story of Jesus's birth... 

my christmas gift is quite yummy! hehe... i love this man

the food people!!! the food!!!! (&  company!) but the food!!! 

after lunch silliness or more like happiness! 

we all need people around us who bring out the silly in us... 

we need people who love us and laugh with us, for who we are xx

happy Christmas! 

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