Tuesday, September 25, 2012

try something new*

Kellen lives for soccer... he will play it every single day if he could... 

i tried something new today. 
i felt happy and light and laughed for an hour non-stop. 

yesterday, when i was there, i felt awkward and scared and insecure. 
everything was knew. i did not know should i smile, should i act confident? but the overall feeling of feeling so out of place was too strong and i stayed with the insecurity. 

which was a waste of time (looking back today). 

why are we so scared to let go of the uncertainty, scared of trying that one thing we've always wanted to do? 

i'm going again tomorrow. 
that feeling good feeling? too good to let go. 

so, are you going to try that something new today? 

do it.

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