Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1st day in year 1*

yesterday was his first day in year 1.  

a new teacher and new friends... he wanted to know if I'm going to go with him to his class and stay a little while.

when he got up at 7am (!!! we slept until 9am every day for the last 7 weeks of holiday!) he giggled, looked at me and said: 'mamma, you wish you were me who could go to school today, but you can't go, because you are too big'.  

on monday evening we had a 'back-to-school celebration'. i cooked his favorite dinner and he could have his dessert first. he was quite chuffed with himself.  he was giggling through out the dinner. 
i made this crown for him, which we will do yearly and spoke about our motto for the year, 
daring greatly. to be in a different country, in a new school year, speaking a second language can be quite daunting.  so we are daring greatly, staying positive and making the best of every chance we get. 

yes, he wants to make cars when he is big. it changed in the last week from doing what his daddy does, to the 'best soccer man there is', to making cars.  this was the one he chose this morning...hehe... 

it's still a bit surreal that our 'little' boy is in big school, going to learn to read and write this year... my heart was beating a bit faster today and i wished i could have stayed there and just observe... 

he had a great day.  when i picked him up, he ran to me and held me a few minutes longer than he usually does... which reminded me that he is just a little boy.

i made a crown for his little sister as well, but as you can see she was nowhere to be seen as she was climbing on the couch, and the chairs, and the table and the steps... (and took a bite out of the crown)... she is going to move mountains... hehe...

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