Saturday, June 9, 2012

tonight, angels float in the sky (randomness)*

note:  my blogging has been sporadic due to this... 
but oh! how amazing is every.single.minute with them?! xx

so here are random things around here: 

1.  I'm one of those people that laughs at a joke 3 times: 
     once when it's told to me
     once when it's explained to me and
     once 5 minutes later when i finally understand it. 

      - unknown

yes, this is me :-) 

2.  I could do with this retreat, for many reasons, mostly because reasons being: 
     a) going to bed too late
     b) getting my 2nd breath at 11pm at night...and then 'have to' go on until my inspiration runs out
     c) a teething baby girl
     d) when the kids sleep at 8pm.... it's my time.... which i treasure
     e) who wants to sleep when there is so many other things to do? 

PS: and then i saw they ran this retreat in 2011....hmmmm... a bit late to the party :) 

 3. i could do with sleep, because this is what our apartment looks like, seriously. every day. i clean up   after the kids went to bed. (so add that to my list above). (we are moving on Wednesday...again... so why worry now?) (the house looks like this because of 'handsfree mama' (note at the top))

4.  there is ALWAYS beauty... with seeing the beauty in our lives all around us, we don't get the time to pick up.... we have to treasure every tiny and big thing coming our way... 

5.  this is where we swim now. we moved (again!). the other apartments were fully booked and
now we have been living here for the past 3's awesome. lots and lots of trees (on the other side)

6.  he has become very independent. wants to dress himself and i try not to interfere, i try to guide...but not always successful. here we went to the shops and he wanted to 'move like mick jagger'. (say no more) (1 trainer and 1 skate)

7.  Tree Mori opened close to us... the most beautiful shop with delicious cakes... and art... foxes dancing off the walls...mmmmm....nourishing my poetic soul

8.  the boy's whole school. he loves it! we think the principal (and the school)  is awesome!

9.  we had a huge party, celebrating the queen's jubilee. it was 'awesome'.  being an international school, there were food from every country... weird and scary food... hehe... 

10.  w a s h i    t a p e ....  heart crumbling... i love xx

11. i cannot wait to take my canon and go for photo walks in this diverse and beautiful country... 

12.  she is light... she moves towards the light as if it is she, as if it is all she knows.

13.  heehee... we laugh most of the day.  

14.  he loves my iPhone and 'making me a gift because he loves me'...which was about 100 self-portraits

15. we are blessed to have made amazing friends last year when we were here.  two amazing women who befriended me and their children are the same age as kellen... we've been spending lots of time with them... in the swimming pool... have i told you that we love swimming? 

16.  these are the steps a restaurant...which have delicious food... but it's more about the friends and family...

17. this girl in the pink, in my pj's, with my kids (and husband)! she is my best friend... visiting us in malaysia... flew over to be with her godchild when she turned 1! a whole post about the girl in my pj's coming soon

'tonight, angels float in the sky'... what else is there to say except thank you for this beautiful life! 

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