Wednesday, April 4, 2012

truth is patience*

this is the most beautiful little soul of a friend of mine... a friend who waited with me, (only 10 years longer than us) to have her own little miracle. 'magically' 2 months after we got bella, she got her little angel. she (the baby) is funny, calm, sweet, sleep through the night... she seems like an old soul... looking at you as if she knows things you don't, just like my two.  i guess it is about their history. how their stories were intertwined with ours... how a Higher hand decided this is how it is going to be... we are so lucky... so blessed...

today two companies came to give us quotes for our move.  they start packing tuesday, 10/04/12. we fly to malaysia on tuesday, 17/04. how do i feel? i think it struck me yesterday that we are moving countries. trying to stay 'calm' and together these last few months. i took a photo that says 'happiness is an inside job'... and asked 'where does patience live'.  an amazing friend & mama 4 wrote back... 'in the NOW'.  powerful stuff.

it's like watching this little baby. looking at you.... looking away... and you can see she is thinking something... wow!

in the now. here. now. 12h50am. tired. ready to go. but first we are going to do some easter egg hunting this weekend. we'll have to be very sly as kellen said: 'i want to catch that bunny, and then i'm going to pull of his head, because i know it is a real human underneath'.

it's amazing how things work out the way it is suppose to. my friend and i sitting on the kitchen floor with a cup of tea, feeding our babies... i still get excited just thinking about that sentence... a baby cries... we look at each other and say: 'it's your baby, that is not my baby's cry'... magical... being in the moment, in the now, Jenica! that's patience! (thank you!) xx

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