Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a love i did not know*

i love these three with a love that is fierce and bold, soft, full. sometimes it's quick, filled with giggles. it's mushiness of the heart into full extent. i love them with a love so sweet it taste like a cold, ripe fig.  it's a love pure and honest.  it's full on. it's always there.  it's God's love. it's a heart filled with love and gratitude, to be given a chance to be these two's mommy. to be a mother. to have been chosen by God to do this amazing thing as to mother this beautiful boy and girl.  it's a love that sometimes scares me. which reminds me to be even more daring, to show and teach them how to live life to the fullest. to savour every.single.moment.  it's a love that teaches me to surrender... to surrender into this love. to melt into their love. to be embraced or.... engulfed in their laughter and joy.  it's love after love. it starts when i open my eyes and ends when i close them at night. it's all consuming, filling every space in my heart. it's love. pure. honest. wholesome. happy. cannot-believe-such-a-love-exist. love.

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