Tuesday, April 10, 2012

we're still here*

We are still here! We found the easter eggs, but now the little bunnies are missing! :-)

(just teasing...heehee)  Happy Easter!

*  flying to malaysia on tuesday, 17/04 at 11h30
*  no suitcases packed (yet)
*  no packing either (and we are moving with all our belongings)
*  no stress..really.
*  kids are happiness overload
*  biggest lesson learned in last week: patience live in the now... (thank you Jenica xx)
*  movers arrive thursday morning between 09h30 and 10am...really. they told us.
*  on saturday our house will be empty, except for us, each with our own suitcase, air ticket & passport (insert huge smile here)
*  still reliving this past weekend with family
*  playing songs in my head
*  laughing ( a lot!)


just happy xx

1 comment:

  1. Hi

    ek lees jou blog....en wil sommer huil omdat jy weg gaan!!! jys iemand wat ek toevallig ontmoet het wat n vriendin geword het!!!

    ek gaan jou mis!!!