Tuesday, March 6, 2012

tips on hanging on or living in limbo*

1.  hold on and see the facts for the facts.  you'll be scared, but it is easier to work with what you know than the unfamiliar.

2.  say it out loud. speak to someone. share. open up. don't feel ashamed that you are barely hanging on.

3.  try solving it all by yourself. hold on tight and just do it..whatever it is... go for it.

4.  sometimes hanging on feels heavy, you try harder but it feels as if you are not getting anywhere.

5.  let go of the things that don't serve you. easy question: ask yourself: does this add to my life? yes/no? yes? grab it and keep it close. no? let it go.

6.  some days it all is a haze and you don't know how you get to the other side.  the world is spinning, or is it only your world...

7. on the 'spinning around and around days'... you hold on and you trust the process with everything in you.

* all photos of kellen taken in 2010 on iphone with hipstamatic application

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