Friday, May 31, 2013

the birthday girl*

a very special little girl turned 2 years old 2 days ago... 

we woke her up to put her in our bed, turned on all the lights

she started clapping while we were singing happy birthday to her...

waiting patiently, or rather impatiently...she just wanted to blow out the candles

we celebrate with doughnuts, 6:30am. 

she is obsessed with blowing bubbles these days, she instantly knew she got bubbles...

while she took her afternoon nap, I bought 20 helium balloons and put it 
around her cot for when she wake up

i opened all the curtains, took loads of photos, nearly fell off the bed, but she did not wake up. 
I had to leave to pick Kellen up. I took all the balloons and hid them in the one bathroom, 
because I wanted to see her face when she sees all the balloons. 
balloons + bubbles = happy girl

when we got back kellen kept her busy while I put the balloons back into her room... 

and took position in to take photos of her excitement... 

and there is joy! seeing her room filled with balloons, running to 'catch' all of them together

sweetness and love...there was lots of that too... 

giggles and laughter... add some joy and her daddy to that mix and you get
an absolute satisfied little girl with balloons

i don't know who was more excited about blowing out the candles... 
he was such a great big brother...trying to stop her (so that i can take photos) 
(where i actually had to light the candles 3 times because she was too fast) 

she clapping and dancing because we are singing (again) happy birthday to her... 

let's blow... no wait! 



and she is so proud of herself. 

But how will I eat cake if my head is over there, and my hands are over here?” 
― Marie Antoinette

i'll just dive in! 

happy birthday beautiful girl! 
we love you to the moon and back xx

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  1. Happy, happy B-day! The balloons are awesome!