Monday, November 18, 2013


it's hilarious and funny and so so creative. 

the animals was hungry and went for some oats. crocodile dived in head first
and dog even rolled in the oats... 

his dino friends had to help him.... the animals are playing
with some xmas decorations and even broke one snow globe! gasp!!! 

i started last night. 
kellen saw it this morning. 
our conversation went something like this: 
him:  'awww mom, i know you did it'
me:  'no kellen, why would i do it? i cleaned up last night and went to bed'. 
him: 'mom, you did it. (giggling). you have that funny voice. i can hear it in your voice'. 
me: (trying not to burst out laughing) 'kellen! i will never do something like this. look at the mess and now i have to clean it up?'! 
him:  giggling and smiling... 'ok mom, you did not do this but i know you did it'. 

today he came to me and said:
him: 'mom, can you do the animal thing again tonight?' 
me: 'what animal thing?" 
him: 'you know... with the oats. oops, you didn't do it. can you please tell the animals to come out again tonight?'
me: 'where must i find the animals? i don't know what to do? why don't you tell them?' 
him: (giggling) 'ok mom, i know it wasn't you, but just tell them to come out again'. 

i'm joining in the creativity of Refe Tuma and their Dinovember.
“Can we still have that cereal for breakfast, Daddy?”


  1. AWESOME idea Lynne!!!!!!!! I'm so going to take your advice and create some mysterious wonders around the house!!

  2. I love this idea! I want to be a Mom again....with littles....!! I am waiting for grandkiddos someday soon!! ~hopeful ~