Monday, October 7, 2013

where have I been?

my first born went to year 2.  we were both a bit apprehensive and scared for the changes and the new things, but he was brave and willing to take on the new challenges.

this little muffet started a new school and LOVES it. amazing what a difference experienced teachers make to your child's life. 

i am so in love with that little lips..the way she pulls her mouth when she concentrates... adorable. 

she loves play dough and trying new things... 

Robin Hood went to school... he was quite the man :-) 
(for bookweek)

superman and papa smurf was there too. 
(this is Kellen's principal and department head of his school - i love the teachers) 

his new class and everyone was game for some fun in book week 

the year 8 children came down to their class to read with them... 
i still cannot believe that my son can read.... amazing

 we helped Kellen's teacher to decorate the front of their class for the book week door competition... 

and we won! 

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