Friday, May 4, 2012


Even after all this time, 
The sun never says to the earth, 
"You owe me." 
Look what happens with 
A love like that. 
It lights the whole sky.

- Hafiz of Persia

This past week has had all of us living in whomever we(they) pray... because of the abduction/kidnapping of  Nayati, a 12-year old boy.  He has been found and is safe with his parents.  Everyone in the area distributed flyers with a photo of Nayati on, wherever we were driving to, as well as putting posters up in our car's windows. it was rather difficult to explain all of this to a little  5 year old boy, who understands enough, but not quite yet.  when i told him yesterday that nayati was found, he was jumping with joy. he got a big smile on his face and just asked if the boy is with his mommy again?  and since yesterday, whenever we say a prayer, he thanks God for looking after nayati. 

this past week made us re-think social media, photos of our children on blogs/facebook/internet... it made you wonder how sensitive we must be towards this... when you live so close to where he was abducted, you wonder...about their safety and if you are not exposing your children... i must admit i thought of closing my blog... to just journal our life for only them...

but here i am... grateful for ...
1.  family
2.  possibilities
3.  communities standing together to help find one of our own
4.  love
5.  healthy and happy children
6.  poetry
7.  swimming pools
8.  my husband...he is the most amazing man
9.  this moment
10. amazon + books + airfreight = magic

11. most of all i'm grateful that there are 4 little feet running through our house every single day
12. grateful that they call me mama xx

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